About Us

Biolink is the leader in behavioural, cognitive and educational training. We provide Bio-Feedback exercises to help improve concentration and focus for all children including those with ADD / ADHD and also individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia! 

Biolink Brakpan opened our doors in 2013 and later also opened a centre in the Springs area. As a qualified Kinderkineticist with a passion for working with children with perceptual motor skills, concentration, reading and learning difficulties, I started researching the field of neurotherapy during my PhD and saw the value Biolink has to offer to these individuals and children. Our dynamic team consist of 6 therapists whose main objective is to build the confidence and skills of the children and parents we work with in our therapy sessions. We understand that these parents have had a difficult and lonely journey, we are able to also support and encourage them through our workshops.

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